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What Is It About Tap Water that Protects Your Teeth from Cavities?

Posted on 12/20/2019 by Watermark Dentistry
What Is It About Tap Water that Protects Your Teeth from Cavities?Many of us have heard that tap water is good for our teeth. What you may not know is that many types of water differ from water coming out of your faucet.

Even further, some of the water that you find bottled at the store can have fluoride removed. Other brands can even be acidic to your teeth. So, what is it about good old tap water that makes it so good for our mouths?

Tap Water Contains Fluoride That is Filtered In

Not all water is created equal. There is a reason you should stick to your homebrew to stay hydrated. When water goes through filtration processes to adjust the flavor of the water, many lose fluoride or minerals beneficial to your teeth. Your tap water contains minerals and fluoride levels tested and approved to protect your teeth but also to maintain a healthy pH level. When the pH level in your mouth gets low, like when consuming a soda. The bacteria start the process of eroding your teeth enamel. Tap water keeps the pH level high enough to safely allow protection and healing. 

Why Bottled Waters Can Be Dangerous

If you are limiting all your water intake to the bottled form. Prepare to do some due diligence. As mentioned above, all water isn't the same. There are some that have fluoride and they are effective as tap water in protecting your teeth. On the other hand, many have had the fluoride removed to adjust flavoring. Some are even acidic for your teeth. Many companies are very lenient when they assess what is a healthy level of pH for your teeth. If you don't want to spend the time and energy researching each brand list of ingredients, stick to tap water. 

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