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Why Do Some People Struggle with So Many Chipped or Broken Teeth?
Posted on 8/10/2020 by Watermark Dentistry
Why Do Some People Struggle with So Many Chipped or Broken Teeth?Many people struggle with cracked teeth, but some do more often than others. Cracked teeth can occur from a multiplicity of causes, and some people are more exposed to these causes than others. For instance, people who play contact sports need extra protection to prevent chipping and cracked teeth, as do people with a compromised tooth structure and older people whose teeth have weakened with use over time. Also, people with teeth clenching and teeth grinding problems are more prone to develop cracks on their teeth.

Cracks can appear on the teeth when the teeth give in to pressure from various causes such as eating on hard food, teeth grinding and teeth clenching, physical impact from accidents, and dental traumas. Decay can also make teeth vulnerable to cracks.

When the teeth sustain cracks, their sensitive inner layers of pulp and dentin, which contains nerve cells and blood vessels, become more easily irritable and vulnerable to infection. Symptoms of cracked or broken teeth include sharp, shooting pain when biting generally or when consuming food and drinks that are cold, hot, or acidic.

How to Treat Cracked or Broken Teeth

Immediately after your teeth becomes physically cracked or broken, try some first aid measures like covering the cracks with temporary dental cement, soaking broken teeth in milk, saliva, or saline solutions, and applying pressure or ice packs on bleeding and swollen gums. If you're struggling with any pain or discomfort, you can use over-the-counter painkillers.

However, you should never rely solely on home-made restorations to treat broken teeth. You need to report your cracked or broken teeth to our dentists as soon as possible to forestall any further damages to your dentition.

We usually recommend simple restorations like crowns and fillings for cracked teeth. But if the crack is too wide, we might recommend more complex procedures like root canal or even tooth extraction. Nonetheless, the key to avoiding complications is a timely dental intervention. Call us today to get a quick remedy for your cracked or broken teeth.

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