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How Do You Floss Around a New Dental Bridge?

Posted on 7/26/2021 by Watermark Dentistry
How Do You Floss Around a New Dental Bridge?Dental bridges are appliances used to replace lost teeth. If you have a new dental bridge, it is important to clean around bridges just like your natural teeth. This is because bacteria can accumulate around such areas and cause infections. Apart from brushing, flossing around a dental bridge is also very important. However, with new dentures, it can be challenging to floss around them. Here are tips that will help you floss effectively around a new dental bridge.

Use a Floss Threader

A floss threader is the traditional string floss that is often attached to a small rigid tip. The thread is thin and strong enough to pass under the dental bridge and clean its underside. You don't have to pass the string between the tooth and gum because the floss threader fits under the contact area.

However, even though this flossing method is simple and straightforward, you could experience problems with manipulation. It is also not easy to pass the floss threader under the dental bridge, something that could complicate things. This is the reason why floss threaders aren't so popular.

Air and Water Flossers

These devices use a strong beam of air or water to get rid of any debris and stuck food remnants. Unlike floss threaders, air and water flossers are easy to use. All you must do is point the flosser in the required direction and click. Air and water flossers are capable of cleaning under dental bridges and other oral appliances. As much as getting them might be a challenge, air and water flossers are a reliable way of flossing around new dental bridges.

If you are having challenges flossing around your new dental bridges, you should contact us immediately. Our professionals will equip you with more tips on how to effectively handle the process. Visit our office if you have problems cleaning your new dental bridges.
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