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Does Excessive Tooth Whitening Lead to Tooth Sensitivity?

Posted on 9/6/2021 by Watermark Dentistry
Does Excessive Tooth Whitening Lead to Tooth Sensitivity?Many people want bright white teeth. Who doesn't love a confident and lasting first impression marked by a beautiful smile? Many people are also willing to pay for it. Millions of dollars are spent every year to makeover smiles of men and women around the globe. However, are consumers willing to pay for tooth sensitivity that may go with excessive tooth whitening?

Too Much of a Good Thing

Tooth whitening products are commonly divided into two categories. First, consumers can buy bleaching products for the purpose of whitening their teeth. These bleaching products contain hydrogen peroxide. These products can remove stains on all levels. In fact, teeth whitened with bleach products may even be whiter than their natural shade!

Whitening products, the second category, simply whiten teeth without using bleach. Many toothpastes that boast sparkling results are whitening products. Mild discoloration can be effectively whitened with the continued use of these toothpastes.

When is too much whitening a problem? If you have sensitive teeth to start with, your teeth may become even more sensitive if they are bleached. Excessive tooth whitening can lead to increased sensitivity. It is critical to consult with us if you want to whiten your teeth but also have sensitivities in your teeth. We can work with you to help you achieve your whitening goals while also catering to your sensitive teeth.

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