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Which Foods Can Naturally Freshen Your Breath Between Brushings?

Posted on 8/9/2021 by Watermark Dentistry
Which Foods Can Naturally Freshen Your Breath Between Brushings?We all know that eating certain fruits and vegetables greatly aid in helping us clean our teeth. In addition, things like raw celery or raw strawberries are known as the kings of fighting plague because of their scouring fibers and beneficial vitamins. However, what is lesser known about fruits and vegetables, is that there are some which help to freshen breath.


Okay, they're like small green vegetables. These particular herbs are known in the food world as palate cleansers because they wash away the prior flavor and smell of food. But, of course, they would also clean your breath as well. The most popular one to see in restaurants is usually parsley, laid atop some heavily flavored dish. But there are also others that will help refresh your breath, including basil, rosemary, or the ubiquitous mint.


Citrus fruits are particularly good at masking smells because of their strong oils. Things like lemon sliced in water are enough to change your breath into a lemon, but you could also consider sucking on a slice for a direct result and a tangy punch. It wouldn't also hurt to consider eating more raw apples, as their crunchy texture helps to remove plaque, and their juice is strongly scented.

Other Options

Some other options you may want to try are cinnamon since it is some of the most strongly smelling things out there—many companies use cinnamon for their mints for this exact reason. By that same token, you can consider chewing ginger if that smell suits your flavor better. Also, look at yogurt if it is available. Yogurt is thick and is known for pulling bacteria out of the mouth as it's consumed. Just make sure that the yogurt is plain and unsweetened. Greek yogurt even has healthy benefits for your teeth too. To find out more about what you can do to keep your oral health up between brushing, give us a call.
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